What are the differences between Retin-a and Renova? Which one is right for me?

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Retin-A and Renova both contain the same active ingredients for treating acne and wrinkles. Retin-A is geared and formulated for younger skin and as a treatment for mild to severe acne, where as Renova is aimed particularly at reducing wrinkles and fine-lines in mature skin. Both products rely on the drug Tretinoin as the primary medication. Accompanied by both lubricants and anti-irritation medications due to the inherently rough nature of Tretinoin on your skin.

Retin-A is available as a cream, gel and liquid form, and is recommended for once a day, daily usage. If a dose is skipped do not double up the next day, merely resume your treatments on schedule the next time. It is highly recommended to accompany this medication with an SPF-15 or greater sunscreen and limit the amount of direct sunlight your face receives while on this medication. It typically makes your skin hyper-sensitive to the sun and can cause serious burning if sunscreen is not used and sunlight exposure is high. If you experience serious effects like burning, sever itching or hyper-sensitivity while on this drug immediately contact the doctor who wrote the prescription and notify them. They can either alter the dosages, or completely remove the drug from your acne treatment plan.

Renova is available only as a cream, and is used in the reduction of fine-lines and wrinkles in mature skin. This is not a general skin treatment medication, and is available via prescription only. The recommended dosage is the same as Retin-A (once a day, daily), and the warnings are the same as well. They share a lot of the same medications and chemicals and vary primarily in the details and exact ratios of the chemicals involved. Renova will not help clear up deep-lines, scarring or “crows feet”, it is merely for small-lines and wrinkles. Sensitivities to wind, cold and other extreme elements are common, and covering the medicated areas of skin with protective clothing is recommended. If you experience any level of pain while on this medication immediately stop applying it and contact the doctor who prescribed it for you.

Results from these two medications will not be immediate and can take up to a couple of weeks to show signs of improvement in your acne/wrinkles. Some have noticed changes as soon as 5-days after beginning treatment while others have stated it took up to 3 months in improve their skin condition. As with any acne treatment be patient, follow the directions and pay attention to the changing state of your skin.

So when asking, ‘What is right for me, Retin-A or Renova’, it depends on what your wanting to accomplish with the medication. If your wanting a proven and effective acne-treatment then Retin-A is your medication. If you want a reduction in small wrinkles and skin imperfections then Renova will be what you’ll want to ask your dermatologist about.