Skin Care Advice to Teenagers

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If you ask any random person on the street when they first became self-conscious about skin care they will always answer when they were a teenager. Teenage skin -as with every part of their body- is under a constantly unpredictable onslaught of changes, abuses and growth. Typically teenage skin is the ‘best’ skin. Small-pores, ample moisture and smooth appearance is what defines good skin. Unfortunately for teenagers this is a very unbelievable answer, they always find problems with their skin, and with good reason.

The same things that make teenage skin so pristine and nice also cause it some of the most irritations and skin conditions. The smaller pores means they are clogged more easily, the smooth moist cells often over-compensate the extremes of dryness or excess moisture by causing the other. If a teenagers skin produces to much moisture -or the teenager causes it with skin care treatments, or acne medications- it will shutdown moisture production often resulting in a worsening of the dry-skin and typically causing adverse skin conditions such as acne and Rosacea.

When the skin is to dry it will over moisten and cause acne from the abundance of moisture catching molecules and them getting caught in the small pores. Another problem for teenagers is the unavoidable swings in hormonal balances that can cause anything from mild flushing of the skin to severe acne outbreaks requiring a visit to their dermatologist. Teenagers always abuse their skin, either by under-protecting it from the sun, washing to vigorously, or using the wrong kinds of make-up/cleansers on their faces. As a teenager you are exposed to the first real feelings of self-identity and respecting your appearance, this typically leads to far to much make-up, or over washing of the face, both can quickly become a source of acne outbreaks and rashes.

Luckily there is just a bit of useful information that can either reduce or completely eliminate many of the skin conditions that frequent teenage skin. When washing your face you should never push hard, use a soft cloth, and moisturizing cleansers will help reduce the chances of acne. Covering your face in SPF 15 sunblock anytime your bare skin is exposed to the sun will reduce the chances of Rosacea, acne, wrinkles and skin-cancer. When applying make-up be sure to use a moisturizing foundation so that the make-up on top does not dry out your skin to the point of irritating it and generating skin problems.

Every skin condition that teenagers face has it’s matching skin treatment, acne treatment or conditioner to help alleviate the problem, but if you follow the few basic guidelines above, and keep a healthy diet you shouldn’t have to many skin conditions pop-up. The best thing of all about the above information is that it technically applies to all ages, these are merely the top teenage reasons for acne, irritation and other skin conditions.

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