4 Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips For Improving The Health And Texture Of Your Skin

Revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin is both an internal and external process. The skin is often the best reflection of a person’s overall health and thus, when the complexion becomes dry, dull and uneven, there are usually underlying causes. Bearing this in mind, people can invest in a number of quality skin care products that both nourish the skin and help to expedite internal toxin removal processes and natural repair systems. Following are four skin care tips for fighting the signs of aging, reducing blemishes and bolstering the overall health of this all-important covering.

1. Moisturize With A Mist

Heavy moisturizers are often a beauty staple of those who are attempting to ward off excessive dryness, fine lines and deep wrinkles. In reality, however, these products can result in excess sebum production by the sebaceous glands and can clog the pores. Moreover, few of these heavy moisturizers account for the body’s ability to hydrate itself from the inside. Drinking lots of water is essential for maintaining skin elasticity and health. Efforts to stay hydrated can be bolstered with a light-weight skin mist that does not overwhelm the dermis with an excess number of ingredients. The Vitamin E Mist Moisturizer by The Body Shop is rich with nutrients and also contains glycerin, ensuring that it will not evaporate before optimally hydrating the surface of the skin.Skin Care Tips

2. Exfoliate Daily

The most essential step in the skin care process is exfoliation. This does not have to be an aggressive abrading away of the topmost skin layers. Instead, it should be a gentle, but diligent effort to assist in the process of natural shedding. The skin is a major avenue of toxin removal, which often attributes to the formation of pimples, blackheads and other blemishes. While most people assume that toxin removal through the skin is associated with perspiration, this is hardly true. Only a very minor percentage of the toxins that are eliminated via the skin are found in the perspiration. The body rids itself of nearly a pound of dead skin cells on a daily basis. It optimizes this process by placing toxins in these dead cells. By removing more dead skin cells from the surface of the dermis, people are also getting rid of more toxin.

A good exfoliating tool should not be confused with a micro-dermabrasion kit. The latter is used to aggressively remove damaged skin and should be used no more than twice per week. An exfoliating wash, facial mitt or brush, however, can be used as part of the daily routine. Murad skin cleansers offers a product called the AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser that can be used once daily and leaves the skin hydrated and smooth.

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3. Brush The Body

Body brushing is fast becoming a popular treatment for cellulite. This process, however, can also stimulate increased circulation and better toxin removal. With fewer toxins, people are less likely to suffer from acne, eczema, fine lines and wrinkles. This is something that should be done on a nightly basis by using a special brush with natural bristles to exfoliate the entire body, starting at the soles of the feet and ending at the top of the head. Brushstrokes should travel up towards the heart and move in a clockwise circle when addressing the digestive area, as this is the direction in which digestive processes naturally flow. Diligent body brushing can produce a glowing complexion, tighter, firmer skin and dramatic reductions in cellulite. Purest Palm offers an amazing and affordable body brush that is made from 100% vegetable matter. It dense and firm bristles are comprised of Japanese palm fiber and are perfect for increasing circulation and blood delivery to all areas of the body.

4. Use The Appropriate Water Temperatures

Many people who struggle with acne make the mistake of being too aggressive in their skin care. The dermis tends to respond better to gentle treatments, however, than it does to those that cause damage to its outermost layers. This is especially true when it comes to the water temperature that is used for washing and rinsing the face. The face should never be cleaned with scalding hot water. Warm or lukewarm water should be used instead. Moreover, the pores should be closed with several splashes of cool water, before moisturizers are applied. A good toner, like the Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner can help to eliminate surface dirt and bacteria far better than high water temperatures can.

The best routine care for the skin represents a delicate balance between pampering the face and giving the body what it needs to enhance natural restorative and internal cleansing processes. The right products and techniques can have a marked impact on the overall appearance of the dermis. More importantly, these systems will not only make the skin look better but they can also make the individual feel better as well.

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